Aug 122010

When Mason began offering a bachelor of fine arts degree in computer game design, it became the only university in Virginia and the Washington, D.C., area to offer such a four-year degree program.

Recognizing that the demand for video games is rising and the industry is quickly growing, the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering and the College of Visual and Performing Arts partnered to offer the degree that prepares students for employment in the computer gaming design and development field, both in the commercial and government sectors.

The curriculum is drawn from computer science, visual arts, digital arts, and a new gaming design area of study. Critical games studies, games and society, audio design, and interactive storytelling are some of the courses offered.

Combining computer science, art components, and a love of gaming, students will be well prepared to enter the growing and competitive industry of game design.

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  1. I am interested in learning about this program. I am a junior at James Madison High School and would like to visit the school and learn more.

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