Feb 242011

As a geography instructor, I have in the recent past witnessed a great deal of change in the increased use of technology, which affects students’ learning and building their spatial thinking. I strongly believe that exposing students to contemporary geographical tools is a must. I feel that it is my responsibility and duty to better prepare them to enter the professional world where, sooner than later, they will encounter a need for geographic information systems (GIS). During the fall 2010 semester, I tried my best to bring an awareness of GIS to the nongeographers enrolled in my 300-level regional study course of the United States. This course is open to students coming from different backgrounds, such as history, finance, and global affairs. Although these students expected a classical style lecture, mandatory GIS lab sessions were included in the syllabus. Through supervised and accessible exercises the nongeographers have been exposed to a deeper and more contemporary learning tool, and more important, I got their full participation and generated a genuine interest.

Submitted by Patricia Boudinot, instructor, Geography and Geoinformation Science

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  1. Ms. Boudinot, thanks for the info you posted. My sis-in-law, Emon, is very interested to pursue a MS/Phd in GIS and specially interested in GMU. She did her BS in geography from Dhaka University in Bangladesh and migrated here recently. We are planning to contact GMU admission office asap but prior to that wanted to learn more about the prospects of a GIS professional. I mean pros and cons : ), if any. Unfortunately we don’t know anyone who can guide us a bit before she decides a track. Would appreciate if you can shoot me some key info in this regard.

    BTW, I am a mason graduate as well, did my MS in CS from GMU 10 years ago. My sister is pursuign her MS in CS Eng at the moment from there as well.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    thanks so much,

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