Feb 242011

Through collaboration with senior industry leaders who comprise the New Century College (NCC) External Advisory Board and Mason leadership scholars, a new leadership institute was created. Called the Mason Institute for Leadership Excellence (MILE), this NCC program emphasizes that leadership development is a lifelong pursuit, building on personal experiences, the experiences of others, and regular self-examination.

The curriculum was designed collaboratively by industry leadership and Mason leadership scholars, giving it a strong theory-to-practice approach. Drawing from the philosophy of talent, MILE accentuates the importance of leading with your strengths, identifying the diverse talents and strengths of others, and making your weaknesses irrelevant. As one participant commented, “The notion of strengths-based leadership shifts the entire mindset.”

The themes of this four-day leadership institute are leading with your strengths, leading with influence, leading with integrity, and leading change. Participants also receive postinstitute leadership coaching from certified professionals. Targeted for high-potential leaders, MILE has attracted participants from federal agencies, small businesses, county governments, and nonprofit organizations.

MILE collaborators include
Nance Lucas, Mason Leadership Scholar
Michelle Marks, Mason Leadership Scholar
Steve Zacarro, Mason Leadership Scholar
Julie Owen, Mason Leadership Scholar
Diane Schulte, Industry Leader and NCC External Board
Rob Holder, Industry Leader and NCC External Board
Randy Freeman, Industry Leader and NCC External Board
Molly Pfeffer, Industry Leader and NCC External Board
Fran Nurthen, Industry Leader and MILE Director


Submitted by Nance Lucas, associate dean, New Century College and College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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  1. Hello,
    Is this course (MILE) going to be taught in the Fall?
    Could you please email me more information?


    Ricardo S.

  2. I am currently working full time and going to school in the evenings. Is this program available for individuals who are looking to become prinicipals, assistant principal, or leaders in their communities. I would really like some more information regarding this program

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