Feb 242011

Leslie Morton has been teaching the art of civility for nearly 30 years and had a vision for it to be included in a collegiate curriculum. While serving as an internship supervisor in the School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism, Morton developed a civility curriculum and now teaches a new and innovative course known as Professionalism and Civility. It is the first of its kind to be offered in any American accredited university or college in the country. TOUR 110 is a one-hour elective available to all Mason students. The class made its debut in fall 2010, only weeks after the curriculum was accepted, with 17 Mason students in attendance. Because of its popularity, the course has now doubled in size and availability for spring 2011, and Morton has become a highly sought-after speaker in the public and private sectors. The course focuses on areas of personal civility in a variety of settings. Areas of study include peacekeeping skills, tolerance, proper protocol, bullying issues, inclusion, productive communication, personal manners, and business etiquette. Morton also reinforces positive life skills that promote good working relationships, as well as respectful and sincere behaviors that encourage acceptance and serve to enhance productive and distinctive living.


Submitted by Leslie Morton, adjunct instructor, School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism, College of Education and Human Development

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