Feb 242011

In fall 2010, I added Digital Store Front (DSF), a new tool for submitting print jobs to the Johnson Center Copy Center. You can use any Mason computer to login, register, attach your print job, and send. In the past, customers sent jobs via e-mail or walked to the Johnson Center Copy Center. When customers open the DSF by going to printjob.gmu.edu, they will see detailed listings of the services we provide, the paper types and color, and finishing that the copy center provides. Once DSF is opened it is similar to the customer being at the center with a customer service representative. When the job is received at the copy center, an electronic reply is sent to the customer. We feel that the customer and Print Services save time and money. Since we introduced DSF, we’ve received approximately 1,200 jobs. We are still marketing DSF to the Mason Nation. Melvin Parada, Mike Richardson, and Marisol Rivera also helped set up the DSF.


Submitted by Hamid (Sam) Kasmai, technical manager, Print Services

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