Oct 052010

Poor sleep is a major health concern, especially with more than 30 million Americans suffering from insomnia. Just as diet and exercise, sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. Lack of sleep affects the immune, cardiovascular, cognitive, and digestive systems. That is why it is important for people to understand their individual sleep needs. Almost everyone can improve their sleep patterns by getting more deep sleep and sleeping the right amount. Since sleeping well can make for a more efficient and productive life, it is helpful to promote habits that lead to a better night’s sleep.

My team and I have developed a smart phone application to improve sleep and health by incorporating behavior tracking into an alarm clock application for iPhone and Android. The Proactive Sleep application has a range of solutions to help improve sleep. They include ambient music, muscle relaxation, the Miracle Sleep Ambient Music Loop, and the ability to track various habits in addition to sleep, such as exercise, diet, productivity, mood, caffeine use, alcohol use, and medication use. By analyzing these behaviors, we hope to provide users with personalized feedback to help them make the right decisions concerning their bedtime, in addition to other health-related choices.

Submitted by Daniel Gartenberg, human factors PhD student and founder of Proactive Life LLC

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