Feb 112011

As an adjunct faculty member, teaching in the College of Education and Human Development, it is important for me to know the names of my students and how to pronounce them. I also want my students to quickly learn each other’s names. To support this effort, on the first night of class, I have students come into my “recording studio” (the hallway), and I record a short movie where the student does a self-introduction.

Before the next class meeting, I use my rudimentary skills in Windows Movie-Maker and build a short video that consists of each student stating his or her name, along with a visual of the name for reinforcement. We watch this during the second class meeting as a way to help us learn names.

I also frame this as an instructional activity that my students (current and future teachers) may use with their own K–12 students. We brainstorm different ways to use this with learners and talk about the pros and cons of this idea.

Overall, I’ve found it to be very positive and useful in my courses—and I learn everyone’s name really quickly! I encourage you to take a look at this semester’s class—they’re wonderful!


Submitted by Anita Bright, adjunct faculty member, College of Education and Human Development

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